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January 23, 2005


Bishop J.C. Fricker
Interim Dean

I have never been a fan of those "reality" shows on television. If I remember correctly, "Survivor" was the first of these. It featured a group of 30 somethings who had been dropped off in some exotic location, with a complete network T.V. crew in attendance. The plot, if one could call it that, involved these participants to vote each other off the island, until just one survived. The prize to this lone survivor was a cool million bucks !

Put the ridiculousness of all that along side the present crises caused by the tsunami in Southeast Asia, with the unbelievable number of deaths, still rising, and all the destruction as well. I think constantly of the real survivors of that trauma, and I wonder what they must think of us in North America.

There is something unfathomably insulting to people whose whole experience is an unrelenting struggle with a desperate need to survive. What must they think of us who have so much that we burn dollars in front of the world? Or what must they think of another T.V. show where the entire studio audience received a brand new car, just for showing up!

The tsunami tragedy has been one of the most calamitous occurrences, outside war, of the past 100 years, and has happened as these things seems always to happen in a part of the world least able to bear it. The number of dead outpaces our comprehension. The misery of those who survived is too much to contemplate. And it is not a television show!

There is a huge chasm between us on our side of the world, with all our wealth, and sometimes strange amusements, and "them" on their side. I think the inconceivable discrepancy between our condition and theirs is not something this world can long sustain.


Warden Candidate Priscilla Wiedl

At St. Paul's:

  • Past Vestry member. · Jr. Warden for 2004.
  • Acolyte, Chalice Bearer, Lector, Intercessor.
  • Member of Adult Choir · Music committee
  • Education committee ·
  • Chairman-Elect of Friends of Music.
  • Theory teacher for Boys Choir.

Retired Public school Music teacher; presently teaching music at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School in Orchard Park. Usually attends 11:00.


Warden Candidate Beverly Fortune

At St. Paul's:

  • Member of St. Paul's 35 years.
  • Employed as Business Manager of St. Paul's 1974 - 1988.
  • Currently serving second Vestry term in 10 yrs.
  • Vestry Liaison to World Mission Committee
  • Lector.
  • Current member ECS Endowment
  • Committee. Former Officer - Women of St. Paul's, former Church School teacher, former Director Episcopal Community Services,
  • Member Commission to Elect the Bishop of WNY.

Accountant, Child & Family services. Attends 9:00.

Diocesan Convention Candidate Debbie Kerestes

At St. Paul's:

  • Choir parent

Professional: Teacher Usually attends 9:00.

Diocesan Convention Candidate Greg Kay

At St Paul's

  • Former vestry member.Chairman
  • Hunger/Outreach Committee.
  • Former acolyte master for 9 o'clock, currently chalice bearer and acolyte for 9 o'clock.
  • Currently Board of Directors Episcopal Community Services - Vice President for allocations.Former Episcopal Community Services representative on the Diocesan Council.

Attorney Usually attends 9:00.

Diocesan Convention Candidate Kate Marquardt

At St. Paul's:

  • Friends of Music committee
  • Coffee hour hostess.
  • Coordinator of Cathedral holiday decorations.

Professional: Veternarian Usually attends 11:00.

Diocesan Convention Candidate Len Salvatori

At St Paul's

  • Active member of the St. Paul's community since his transfer to Buffalo in l992.
  • Served as a counter, usher, acolyte, chalice bearer.
  • Has served on Vestry, and headed the stewardship committee. · Last year, he and son Tom represented the cathedral as delegates to the convention.
  • Interested in being a delegate to convention again as he feels it is important to build on one's knowledge and understanding of the process in order to better serve St. Paul's.

Retired from Westinghouse Governmental Services where he was an environmental and training manager. He is currently employed at Erie 2 BOCES as an academic liaison and at ECC North as adjunct professor. Past president and treasurer of the western New York chapter of Certified Hazmat. The National Department of Education grant reviewer for technology grants. Usually attends 11:00.

Diocesan Convention Candidate Dorothy Pope

At St Paul's

  • Chair of Alter Guild.
  • Member of Caregivers group visiting shut-ins.
  • Lector, usher, former Sunday school teacher.
  • Member Diocesan standing committee.
  • Former secretary to the Dean of the Cathedral.

Retired ECS administrative assistant
Volunteer at Gilda's Club. Attends 9:00.

Youth Representative Anna Hezel

At St Paul's

  • Lifetime member of St. Paul's
  • Girls' Choir member for seven years.
  • Confirmed in 2002.
  • Youth Group member

Junior at Park School, active in drama and art program. Participant in Masterminds, the yearbook staff, and the National Conference of Community and Justice.

Youth Representative Candidate Lloyd Hunt

At St Paul's

  • Choir member - 6 years
  • Youth Group
  • Swim Team, Soccer Team
  • Drama Club

Sophomore, Leonardo DeVinci School
Usually attends 11:00.

Youth Representative Candidate Sam Naylon

At St Paul's

  • Choir member 81/2 years
  • Youth Group member
  • Confirmation Class, Church School
  • Tennis

Sophomore, Hutch-Tech. Usually attends 11:00.

Youth Representative Candidate Kristin Saetveit

At St Paul's

  • Senior Chorister, choir member for nine years.
  • Youth Group member

Honor student at Buffalo Seminary, president of Writers' Club, Social lService Board representative, Amnesty International.
Fencing competitor in Junior Olympics, the New York State Games, and the North American Cup. Plays string bass in school ensemble and is literary editor of the yearbook.


Our Forum for January 23rd will be a Vestry Candidate Roundtable. Be an informed voter! There will be NO FORUM on the 30th as that is the day of our annual meeting. 10a.m. Eucharist will be followed by brunch and the meeting.
Adult education offerings to come: What is a Pence Can? Find out on February 6.

What does Drew have to say about traditional liturgical music and the Church? Find out

February 13. How do story-telling, stained glass windows and classical religious art all fit together?

February 20. Architecture and St Paul's: How does the style of a church building enhance the worship experience?

February 27. Drums? Jazz? Church Music?

March 6. We'll tie it all together.

Sundays aren't enough for you? Well, we proudly announce the return of: MONDAY EVENINGS AT THE CATHEDRAL

February 14th: Love and Romance

February 21, 28th: The DaVinci Code---bunk? Believable? We'll discuss.

March 7th and 14th: The Passion of the Christ-horrible, thought-provoking? We'll discuss . (Viewings of The Passion will be held at parishioners homes in late February. )
Please join us for the Adult Education offerings each Sunday and the Monday's in Lent. Don't forget, Discovering the Bible meets each week at 10 a.m. in the Scaife Room-newcomers are always welcome!

Vestry Candidate Leyla Kamalick

At St. Paul's:

  • I come from a strong, positive chaplaincy experience in college and arrived in Buffalo with the express intention of continuing a ministry to young people through the church while exploring more intentionally the possibility of a call to ordination.
  • Since arriving here, I have been actively involved at St. Paul's Cathedral, attending church every Sunday.
  • I began and am now developing a 20s and 30s group in the parish; I have taken on leadership of the senior high youth.
  • Member of the newcomer's committee.
  • The current vestry has sponsored and approved me for the churchwide Pastoral Leadership Search Effort that encourages young people as leaders in the church.
  • My experience at St. Paul's has been a positive one, and I am excited by the opportunity to help in our continual commitment to the community around us.

Nichols School English teacher. Usually attends 11:00.

Vestry Candidate Cathy Dempesy

At St. Paul's:

  • Acolyte, chalice bearer and reader during the 9 o'clock service.
  • Coordinated Adult Forums since the fall of 2003,
  • Member of the Christian Education Committee.
  • Completed the Eucharistic Visitor training and look forward to participating in a pastoral care ministry.

Psychotherapist in private practice and the Director of Provider Relations for an Employee Assistance Program. Usually attends 9:00.

Vestry Candidate Daniel Fisher

At St. Paul's:

  • Acolyte and chalice bearer

Doctoral Student-Immunology. Usually attends 11:00.

Vestry Candidate Karen Hoepfinger

At St. Paul's:

  • Member since 1985.
  • Former vestry (9 years)
  • Adult Choir
  • Education for Ministry (EFM) graduate
  • Chimes editor
  • Friends of Music committee.
  • Seamen's Church Institute
  • Capital Campaign Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Lector, Intercessor

Project management, marketing. Attends 11:00.

Vestry Candidate Joseph Nardiello

At St. Paul's:

  • Member of St. Paul's since 1969.
  • Junior and senior warden and member of vestry
  • Founding member and past chair (15 years) of Hunger/Outreach Committee.
  • Former coordinator (and transitional co-coordinator) of Christmas and Easter decorations of cathedral (many years).
  • Volunteer keeper of parish membership records.
  • Co-chair, Garden and Grounds Committee.
  • Member: Counters, Archives Committee, Personnel Committee, Cathedral tour guides.

Professional: Retired, Assoc. Prof. and Chair, Modern and Classical Languages Dept., Buffalo State College
Usually attends 11:00.

Vestry Candidate Tom Salvatori

At St. Paul's:

  • Lector, counter, coffee hour.
  • Delegate to Diocesan Convention
  • Former Choir member

Bank of America. Usually attends 11:00.

Vestry Candidate Mark Smith

At St. Paul's:

  • Member of St Paul's for almost 30 years.
  • Acolyte at 11:00.
  • Member of worship committee.
  • Member of Review Task Force.
  • Altar Guild.
  • Participated in original Foyers group.
  • Former Usher, Lay reader , Christian education teacher

Irish Classical Theatre. Usually attends 11:00.



Absentee ballots are available by calling the office (716-855-0900, ext 221). Allow sufficient time to receive the document and return it so that it's in the office by Friday, January 28, 5:00 p.m. Fax options are available in both directions, i.e., if you have a fax number to which the ballot can be sent you may ask to have it sent there, and you can submit your completed ballot via fax to the office if you wish. Special instructions for doing that will be included on the face of the ballot.


Notes From the Music Department

Mark your schedule now for these upcoming events!

Sunday, 20 February 2005, 5:30 pm
ORGAN RECITAL by Michael Bloss (St James' Cathedral, Toronto) Tickets $10 ($5) available at the door. Mr. Bloss is one of Canada's most sought-after recitalists. He was the first Canadian to win international competitions in Michigan and Germany, and has concertized throughout North America and Europe. The recital will be preceded by Choral Evensong, sung by the Men & Girls, at 4:00 pm.

Sunday 13 March 2005, 5:30 pm
SILENT MOVIE with an improvized organ soundtrack by Andrew Cantrill. Tickets $10 ($5) available at the door. For one night only the cathedral will be transformed into a movie theater! Cecil B DeMille's masterpiece 'The King of Kings' will be shown on a large screen in the nave, and organist Andrew Cantrill will improvize a live soundtrack at the cathedral organ.

MUSIC LIST: A new music list is now available in the Narthex and from the Music Office for the period 'Epiphany-Trinity 2005'. It includes music sung at all choral services.


A Place At The Table 2005

Grab your masks - We'll supply the beads.
It's Mardi Gras time!

We'll bring "hot" New Orleans to "snowy" Buffalo. Cajun cuisine will tempt your taste buds. This event will take place on Saturday, February 5th at 7 pm at 339 Starin Avenue, Buffalo. The cost for this event is $50.00 per person or $90 per couple.

For a reservation for this enjoyable evening, please contact Mary Ellen Keeler in the parish office. Please note the listing of all "A Place at the Table" 2005 events is now posted on the St. Paul's Cathedral website. Check it out!!


Friends of the Night People

Volunteers needed to serve at Friends of Night People - We are forming Serving Teams for each month of the next six months beginning Sunday February 6th. Please contact Greg Kay if you wish to serve. If you wish to form a Serving Team with friends in and/or out of the Cathedral let us know. We need seven volunteers per month. Call Greg Kay at 773-7743.


On behalf of St. Paul's Cathedral's Hunger/Outreach Committee, thank you to everyone who brought in a gift for the Christmas toy and clothing drive for Friends of Night People. You helped to make their Christmas brighter.

Thanks again to all who made the Christmas Pageant such a joyful occasion! Singers, shepherds, sewers, designers, manger builders - all worked together to proclaim the Good News!


The Third Sunday after the Epiphany.

8:00 am Eucharist

9:00 Eucharist:
Sermon by Bishop Fricker.

10:00 Forum: Meet the Candidates for Vestry, Diocesan Convention and Warden.

11:00 Eucharist:
Sermon by Bishop Fricker.



Tuesday, Jan. 25
Choral Evensong

Wednesday, Jan. 26
Choral Evensong

Thursday, Jan. 27
Conversation with Catherine Parker
5:45 Choral Evensong

Friday, Jan. 28
, Recital

Saturday, Jan. 29
Weekly guided tour of the Cathedral.


The Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany.

8:00 am Eucharist

Voting for Vestry, Diocesan Convention, and Warden will be held in the Walker Room from 8:30 a.m. to the start of the Annual Meeting.

10:00 Eucharist,
Sermon by Bishop Garrison.
Followed by lunch and the Annual Meeting in the Walker Room.


Tuesday, Feb. 1
Finance Committee
5:45 Choral Evensong

Wednesday, Feb. 2
Choral Evensong
7:00 . Holy Eucharist in Cathedral for 20's & 30's Group

Thursday, Feb. 3
Conversation with Catherine Parker
5:45 Choral Evensong

Friday, Feb. 4

Saturday, Feb. 5
Weekly guided tour of the Cathedral
7:00 Mardi Gras "Place at the Table" (article below)


The mission of St. Paul's Cathedral is to offer hospitality, healing and hope in the Name of Jesus Christ, in the City of Buffalo and the Diocese of Western New York.


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