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May 2005



This issue of THE CHIMES is being sent to you soon enough for me to begin encouraging you to participate in our celebration on the Feast of Pentecost, Sunday, May 15th. It will be a splendid celebration, I assure you, and will be followed, after the 10 a.m. service, with a barbeque hosted by St. Paul's 20s and 30s group. More about all that later.

Why all the fuss? Because Pentecost, though it is one of the three major festivals of the year, is the most neglected! That's probably because Hallmark hasn't cottoned on to it yet. It's sometimes referred to the Church's birthday. The descent of the Holy Spirit, the promised gift of the risen Christ, transformed a nervous unfocused band of His followers into a creative force which changed the world and became the Christian Church as we know it today. The Church of Jesus Christ, now two millennia later, continues to touch the lives of untold millions on every continent and island. It has acquired doctrines, creeds, structures, hierarchies, wealth and real estate, all of which sometimes advances, and sometimes impedes its purpose, to proclaim Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Through twenty centuries, the Church has both succeeded marvelously and blundered terribly. Its membership has been as diverse as any community can be, always with as a healthy mixture of saints and sinners. In short, it has been made up of people like you and me of the community of St. Paul's Cathedral, Buffalo.

When you think of it, the community of St. Paul's, diverse and scattered yet gathering in this rather fine edifice in the heart of Buffalo, is not at all unlike that first community of Christians to whom the Holy Spirit came on that first day of Pentecost. At this time in St. Paul's long and distinguished history, brief though, in comparison to the long life of the Church, we are a somewhat uncertain, temporarily unfocused community. We are in the process of looking for a new Dean, one who will guide this cathedral into the future. So it is an unsettling even anxious time as people ask, "When, oh when, will we have a new Dean?" I can think of no better time for the people of St. Paul's to open our collective hearts and minds to the guidance, inspiration, and comfort of the Holy Spirit

So, I urge you all to join us on Pentecost Sunday, May 15th, both to celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit through time, and to pray together for Her/His guidance at this time when, more than ever, we needs the Spirit's guidance and inspiration. Pray fervently that the Holy Spirit will be with our Search Committee as they do their work.

Red is the liturgical colour of Pentecost. Clergy and altars will be splendidly arrayed in red vestments. As a mark of encouragement and prayerful support for the Search Committee, and as a symbol and gesture that we can be counted among the communities praying always for the gift of the Holy Spirit, WEAR SOMETHING RED when you come to Church that Sunday; a dress, a hat, a handkerchief, a flower, a brooch, a tie - anything that has even a spot of red. Come on, let's celebrate. !!!!!!

+J. C. Fricker
Interim Dean


Finally - We have an approved 2005 budget! This was the main focus of the Vestry's April 19th meeting. If you attended the Parish Meeting on April 24th you have seen the budget and been advised of the process used to arrive at the figures and of our need to draw from our endowment income more than we should. Related to this was a discussion of our stewardship here at St. Paul's. It costs a great deal to maintain the wonderful programs we all enjoy and continuance of these programs will require the growth of our financial stewardship.

We talked also about various committees that exist or have existed and how they are functioning. Some were eliminated because of duplicity and some are currently being resurrected because of renewed or continued interest and commitment of our membership.

Mark Smith was welcomed as a new addition to the Vestry. He will fill Leyla Kamalick's position when she leaves us in June for a wonderful job opportunity in New England. Our best wishes are extended to her and we look forward to her visits to Buffalo. She promised!

Last item on the agenda was firming up of plans for the annual Vestry retreat which will be held on April 22 -23 at Christ the King Seminary. Bishop Fricker and Cathy Dempesy have planned a great program for us we're sure.

Beverly Fortune,
Junior Warden



The Cathedral Archives is constantly seeking new material to add to our collections that will help us to tell the story of our parish - its people, buildings and activities. If you have any material that you no longer want, and wish to give it to the archives, the archives committee will gladly take a look at it. A time in our lives to especially remember the Archives is when a loved one has died and their possessions are being disposed of, or if an older relative is downsizing to a retirement or care facility. PLEASE, do not carelessly throw away old papers and photographs that may relate to St. Paul's or another parish. Pass them on to the Archives so that we can add to our knowledge of the past.

The Archives are particularly seeking the following:

  • Papers of older parishioners who have served on vestry or committees, containing personal notations of what occurred at meetings.
  • Photographs (labeled whenever possible); newspaper clippings; old programs; baptismal certificates; certificates of marriage; memorabilia; obituaries or articles about parishioners and former staff.
  • Information about, or an article of, the "Shelton China." Back in the 1800's the parish gave Rev. Wm. Shelton a service of china as a Christmas gift. When he died it was willed back to the parish. What happened to it? What was it like?
  • A Victorian baptismal gown for use in future exhibits.

REMEMBER ~ Anything that you donate to the Archives should be placed in a box or envelope that is labeled with the current date and your name/name of the donor on it. DO NOT attach or bundle things with rubber bands, staples or paper clips. DO NOT attach post-it notes to archival material or write directly on the item. DO NOT laminate papers or photographs. Photographs should be labeled as completely as known with date, occasion, location, and names of people pictured

For further information, or if you have any questions, contact a member of the Archives Committee, or Adrian Cross at 662-5168.



The Search Committee for a new Dean and Rector of St. Paul's Cathedral began meeting in February and has had five meetings. We are ably assisted by Archdeacon Bruce Gillies, a nonvoting member of the committee, who works out of the Bishop's office and is the Deployment Officer of the diocese. Bruce has access to a large list of potential candidates from the Episcopal Church at the national level and continues to provide us with resumes from these clergy. Bruce also has considerable experience in interviewing and assessing applicants for clergy positions and the committee wants to take advantage of his expertise.

Currently there are 15 priests who have expressed an interest in applying for the position. In the coming weeks we expect many additional applications. The committee has created an ad which has been submitted to selected publications which are read by clergy, such as The Living Church. We hope these ads will expand the pool of candidates.

Much of the committee's time has been spent in establishing a search process for ourselves and in developing a system to evaluate applicants. We have spent some time in talking about the attributes we think are important in a new Dean and rector. We still need to study the new Profile of St. Paul's and use that in our evaluation of applicants. Incidentally, the Profile will be sent to all acceptable candidates for their information.

Last Thursday, April 21 we had a very productive meeting with Mary Ann Kermis, who previously helped the Search Committee for a new Music Director. Mary Ann is an expert in interviewing and evaluating job applicants in general. Having learned a great deal in our meeting with Mary Ann, the committee now feels much more confident in how we will proceed with our task of identifying the best person to be Dean and Rector at St. Paul's. We will soon begin to examine the candidates who have thus far sent us resumes, probably as early as next week. Briefly, our evaluation procedures will include asking each candidate to answer, in a letter, several questions prepared by the committee, followed by a telephone interview to answer additional questions. The committee has discussed many ideas for questions and Mary Ann helped us refine those questions which are designed to tell us much more about each applicant than can be learned from a resume. After the telephone interviews, we will narrow the field to a much smaller number.

During this time, the committee will be checking references, largely through telephone conversations. Again, we have developed a set of questions with Mary Ann which will help us discover from the reference individuals additional information about the candidate that is not available from other sources. Bruce Gillies and Bishop Garrison will at the same time be checking candidate backgrounds using resources at their disposal which complement our efforts.

We will then further assess these applicants during visits to their churches to see them in action and during visits, for some applicants, to St. Paul's for meetings with various members of the congregation and the bishop. We know that we must construct a timeline for each of these steps and we will be doing that in the next month. That is the status of the search at present. We will keep you informed of further progress as time goes on.

Reid Heffner
Search Committee Chair


Plans are well advanced for the Men and Boys' trip to England and France this summer. It will be the first time the Boys have travelled overseas since 2000 and, for many of the group, it will be their first time in Europe. The trip is being financed by the singers and their families, and by the Cathedral Choir Association (formerly the Choir Parents' Association). Under the leadership of Kathie Hartmans, this group has raised nearly $15,000 in the past 9 months and further fundraising events are planned for the coming weeks. Please do all you can to support the Association. In addition, Nancy Stecker has been working hard behind the scenes as tour manager: fixing accommodations, organizing transport, booking singing engagements, and much more. I am very grateful to her for her support.

Our residency at Exeter Cathedral offers us a wonderful opportunity to lead the daily office in an ancient house of worship - the cathedral was begun in the 12th century! In addition, the city is located close to Dartmoor and we will get to spend some time on the moors. Taking a St Paul's choir to continental Europe is a new departure. To be able to explore with the choristers a new culture and a new language, has been lots of fun.

That they will be given the chance to visit Paris, one of the most exciting cities in the world, and to sing at Notre Dame before a congregation of 1,000s, is a very thrilling prospect! Our return journey includes several days in London for sight-seeing.

The lead-up to the tour includes many weeks of musical preparation, and the trip itself allows for intensive rehearsal and performance. The choir that returns to Buffalo in August will be a keener and more focused musical unit, and, of course, lasting friendships will have been cemented by the joy of sharing this experience with others.

Andrew Cantrill


The itinerary for the Choir trip is as follows:

Friday, 15 July Depart Buffalo

Saturday, 16 July Arrive London Gatwick, travel to Salisbury

Sunday, 17 July Attend services at Salisbury Cathedral

Monday 18 - Sun 24 Residency at Exeter Cathedral

Monday, 25 July Depart for France

Tuesday, 26 July Concert in Rouen Cathedral

Wednesday, 27 July Concert at the Abbaye des Hommes, Caen

Thursday, 28 July Visit to the Bayeux Tapestry
Concert at Bayeux Cathedral

Saturday, 30 July Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Sunday, 31 July Mass at Notre Dame d'Auteuil, Paris
Choral Evensong at American Cathedral, Paris

Tuesday, 2 August Sight-seeing in London

Wednesday, 3 August Depart for Buffalo



Dear Mary Templeton -

The Girls of the Cathedral Choirs would like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation that made it possible to perform Pergolesi's Stabat Mater on Palm Sunday. The experience of singing this work is one we will remember forever, and it wouldn't have happened without your support.

At first, the task of learning the Stabat Mater seemed daunting. There were only twelve girls performing, and we were to be accompanied by musicians from New York's finest baroque orchestra. We began work in early January, with no concept of the way it would change us over the coming months.

Finally, Palm Sunday, March 20, arrived. A dozen anxious girls waited in the Walker Room as the cathedral filled with people. At 4:00, we entered the chancel and opened our scores. The next fifty minutes were an exhilarating blur, and when the final chord was struck, no one wanted it to end.

This was truly a "team-building" experience. Our musical limits were tested and our endurance was pushed, but in the meantime, our friendships were strengthened. For weeks after Palm Sunday, we kept reminiscing about certain movements, wishing to sing it again, and acknowledging the difference it has made in our teamwork and confidence as a group. This is unusual for the choir: usually after major concerts we are relieved that it's all over! The Stabat Mater was different.

To the delight of all the girls, Mr. Cantrill has arranged for us to perform the Stabat Mater at our concert in Richmond next month. Our ecstatic response to this is proof that the magic has not yet worn off, and you can be assured that we will fondly remember this event for the rest of our lives.

With gratitude,
The Saint Paul's Cathedral Girl's Choir



One of the most exciting developments of the past year has been the establishment of a Cathedral Choirs Alumni Association. Open to men and women who sang as trebles or as men of the choirs, the association is designed to offer support to the music department, to allow St Paul's to honor those who have served the music program so faithfully, and to help singers reconnect with friends and the cathedral. The initial response has been strong. We currently have well over 100 names and addresses on our database, and 'Charter Membership' of the association is still available.

Our first alumni event will take place over the weekend of the cathedral choirs' final Evensong of the 2004-2005 season. Charter Members are invited to a dinner in their honor on Saturday, May 21st at 5:00 pm, and all former choir members are invited to sing with the combined cathedral choirs at Evensong on Sunday 22 May. Following the anthem at Evensong, Charter alumni members will be further honored with a special presentation - receiving a certificate commemorating their years of service to the choir. After Evensong, all former choir members will be the special guests of the choirs at a reception held in the John K. Walker room of the Cathedral.

This will be the first of what promises to be an exciting series of annual events. Of special interest is the celebration in 2007 of the 140th anniversary of the foundation of the Men & Boys Choir. We are planning to celebrate the life and work of one the oldest choirs of its kind in the country.

To our alumni: You have played an important role in the rich musical history of the Cathedral and we hope that your membership will strengthen us as we continue our ministry to choir members, the Cathedral's parish and the wider community.
Daniel Yox, Chair



Girl Choristers of the Cathedral Choirs will tour overseas next year. To give the singers an opportunity to spend some time with each other and to take the unique St Paul's tradition to another part of the country, the girls will be in Richmond, VA, from May 27 to May 29.

The choir will be the guest of St Paul's Episcopal Church in Richmond, where they will sing a Saturday evening concert and lead the Sunday morning worship. Saturday morning will be spent exploring Colonial Williamsburg.

Women's Retreat
Camp Weona, June 10-11

You marked your calendar back in February and now it's time to register for the Women's Retreat. Our retreat will be held at Camp Weona, just outside of Warsaw, NY, Friday evening, June 10 through Saturday afternoon, June 11.

The theme is: Praying with Women in the Bible: Looking at their lives and our lives through nature, art, music, and creative writing.. Many fun opportunities will be available: have a massage, walk the labyrinth, hike in nature, experiencing the ropes course, have fun and relaxing conversations.

The retreat will cost $50 per person. Brochures and registration forms are available in the office, the Narthex, and Walker Room. Please send in your registration form to St. Paul's or give it directly to Canon Kristen.

The next Women's Retreat planning committee meeting is scheduled for May 1st , 8 a.m. in the Scaife Room.



Nearly 1000 people per month are receiving bags of food from the 1272 Delaware food pantry. People are referred from all zip codes to this pantry which is stocked by volunteers who donate food through Church groups like St. Paul's'. The need never decreases and the lines are long. People walk and get public transportation. Some have broken down automobiles. This ministry of feeding the poor seems to be growing. Items such as peanut butter, tuna, meat sauces and cereal products are essential. Fresh unwanted food from supermarkets is transported by volunteers every Monday and is usually gone by Wednesday. Our financial contributions pay for supplies from the Food Bank of WNY.

The packaged food items you bring to church each Sunday help stock the shelves - as you get ready to leave for church, be sure to remember to bring food items with you.

The Hunger-Outreach committee thanks all who have volunteered to help at The Friends of Night People. There is a sign up sheet in the Walker room, and people are need for the first Sunday in July and August.



St. Paul's Cathedral is a National Historic Landmark, which is provided the same protection as the White Hours, the Capitol Building, the Washington Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial. Therefore, we must be extremely careful of what is done to the exterior of the building.

We have the best Preservation Architect, Peter Flynn of Flynn Battaglia, and the best masonry reconstruction company with Mr. Jeff Morris of Morris Masonry, at a very good price. His recent work includes Trinity Church, Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society, Erie County Rath Building, and the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens.

We all have been anxiously awaiting the beginning of construction, which started Wednesday, April 20th, and will continue through October or early November, depending on the weather. The Cathedral Park steps will be done first, to see what sub-structure problems we might encounter. The Pearl Street south steps will be next, continuing grouting on Cathedral Park to Main Street and Church Street, where there will be replacement of some stones, then ending up on Pearl Street. A high-lift will be used, so there will be very little scaffolding. A Mobile Protection Canopy, which will probably be removed on weekends, will be available for the safety of Church Street pedestrians. Funding by our recent Capital Campaign "Let the Stones Sing."

Peter B. Flickinger



The Christian Education Committee is implementing a new curriculum for church school, grades pre-K through 6 next fall. It is called Godly Play and was developed by religious educator Jerome Berryman. Berryman, a priest, designed the program around the philosophy of Maria Montessori. Like the Montessori method, Godly Play relies on the use of hands-on wooden manipulatives. The children are taught Bible stories and can engage in play with the manipulatives as well as express ideas through art. The curriculum design follows the pattern of liturgy with a greeting, a story, a "feast", and the goodbye. It assumes the child is a full member of the church community at his or her developmental level. We think this program has much promise for our church school students and look forward to it with much anticipation. We'll include more information in future editions of the Chimes.

Lynn Brunner,
Christian Education Committee



Carol Garrison and Christian Education Committee sponsor a trip to Honduras Summer 2006

Carol Garrison's ministry with the women and children of Our Little Roses in Honduras Central America has been an inspiration to many throughout the Diocese. During Lent we collected $ 220.84, in our Pence Cans to support the wonderful work of Our Little Roses. On March 13, Carol spoke at our Forum about her mission work and encouraged the Cathedral to participate in this outreach ministry.

Deeply moved by Carol's love and dedication, many people approached her wanting to participate in some way. Carol has agreed to take a group of 16 people to Honduras during the summer of 2006. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact Canon Kristen. This trip is open to anyone interested. We will hold our first planning meeting on June 5th at 9 a.m. in the Scaife Room. We will begin discussing mission projects and fundraising.



We gather at 5:45 for Evening Prayer and a light supper followed by a discussion of The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd (May 2, 9).

We will follow this up with Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom (May 16, 23). We end with Compline and are out the door by 8:00 pm.

We will have these books available for purchase at the Cathedral. (however there are some among us who often attend a book group without actually reading the book. All that is needed is an opinion…and face it we are Episcopalians, we have OPINIONS.)

The Monday Evenings have proven to be a fabulous opportunity for relaxed fellowship, if you haven't stopped by, please do - we have a great time.



Saturday June 4th St. Paul's along with the American Red Cross will offer adult, child and infant c.p.r. (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) along with a basic first aid class. The class is offered to staff, ushers, church school teachers along with child care workers and vestry, but, if space is available, any who are interested in taking the training are encouraged to sign up.

The course is free to all Blue Cross participants (Community Blue, Traditional Blue and Senior Blue). There is a $10 discount for Independent Health participants. The cost for all others is $62.

Please call the church office 855-0900 or myself at 648-1082 to sign up -- space is limited!

Diana Foster, Parish Nurse



Educational Opportunities
following 10 a.m. Holy Eucharist


Church School

Come join us for Church School immediately following the Eucharist, 11:15 -12:15. Church School meets on the 3rd floor of the Parish House. All children 3 years through 6th Grade are welcome to join us at any time.

May 1: John 15:1-8 May 22 Matthew 28:16-20

May 8th John 17:1-11 May 29th Matthew 7:21-27

May 15th John 20:19-23 Pentecost

Please note: If you are willing to provide a snack on Sunday Mornings, please contact Canon Kristen 855-0900.

Bible Discussions for Junior High students with Mark Looney and Kevin Smith, Canon Kristen's Office

Contemporary Conversations for High School students with Canon Ethan Cole, Youth Room.


Richmond Chapel (will begin by 11:30 a.m.)

Raising Your Children in the Faith with Canon Kristen, Parish House Reception Area (May 1,8)

Childcare available in the Nursery 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


Sunday Morning
Educational Offerings for
Adults and Youth

9 a.m. Opportunities

Reading Acts: Please join Canon Ethan Cole for fascinating look at the people and events that shaped early Christianity. Don't miss this opportunity to study key stories found in the Book of Acts. The class will meet 9:00 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. in the Holy Spirit Chapel.

May 1: Acts 1:1-14 (The Ascension of Jesus)

May 8: Acts 2:1-47 (Pentecost, including Peter's sermon)

Women of the Bible: The Stories We Know and A Few Forbidden Tales - Many women have been forgotten or are a nameless presence in Scripture, others have helped save nations. Come help us uncover the voices of these amazing women. The sessions will be held in the Scaife Room.

May 1: Mary Magdala, led by Vera Kozak

May 8: Mary, Mother of Jesus, led by Mark Fulk.

The Sixth Sunday of Easter

8:00 Eucharist

10:00 Eucharist, Rite I
Sermon by Bishop Fricker.

11:15 Forum: Jay Philippi, Youth Missioner for the Diocese will present sleep away camp options for our youth. (as well as discussing other Youth Mission activities) Several campers from last summer will join Jay to share their experiences. Jay Phillippi has been the diocesan youth missioner for 4 1/2 years after a longcareer in radio. He has worked with young people at St. Luke's Jamestown and is currently serving as the provincial youth coordinator for Province 2. Jay's work with the diocese includes working with the camp programs, Happening, the Youth Commission, and as diocesan coordinator for the Journey to Adulthood program. He is an passionate speaker on the importance of youth ministry at all levels of the church.


Seventh Sunday of Easter

8:00 Eucharist

10:00 Eucharist, Rite II,
Sermon by Bishop Fricker.

11:15 Forum: Combat Veterans are returning from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan with a cadre of experiences and horrors unimaginable to most of us. How can we, as a faith community, welcome these soldiers back into the fold of everyday life with care, comfort and honor? Peter Hogan, a St Paul's parishioner and psychologist works extensively in the area of combat fatigue; he will share his thoughts with us.


SUNDAY, May 15
The Day of Pentecost

8:00 Eucharist

10:00 Eucharist, Rite I, Sermon by The Very Rev. Douglas Stoute, Dean, St. James' Cathedral, Toronto

11:15 Forum: Social Policy Concerns - let your voice be heard in our obligation to speak for social justice. Information and contact methods will be presented.

4:00 Monteverdi, Vespers
NYS Baroque & cathedral Choirs

SUNDAY, May 22

Trinity Sunday

8:00 Eucharist

10:00 Eucharist, Rite II, Sermon by Bishop Fricker

11:15 Forum: On this Choir Alumni Weekend join a panel of old (ok, maybe I should say former) choristers speak about how their experiences in the St Paul's Choirs impacted their childhood and young adulthood. Choir parents will also chime in about their views. We listen to them sing weekly, let's hear them talk


SUNDAY, May 29
The 2nd Sunday after Pentecost

8:00 Eucharist

10:00 Eucharist, Rite II, Sermon by
Canon Cole.

11:15 COFFEE HOUR - On this holiday weekend, we will gather in the Walker Room to leisurely socialize. Join us as we reconnect!



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