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New Dean for St. Paul's

At the Services held at St. Paul's Cathedral
on Sunday,October 23, 2005
the Senior Warden of the Cathedral, Roger M. Seifert,
made the following announcement:


It is indeed my honour, as Senior Warden, to address the parish congregation this morning. I regret that Dr. Reid Heffner, Chair of our Search Committee is out-of-town today and unable to be with us this morning.

Reid, and the other members of the Search Committee have worked intensely and thoroughly since March on the search process. After more than 65 hours of meetings and the complete study, investigation and review of 81 candidate applicants the number was narrowed to 12 in early Summer. Continued review, interviewing, reference checking and investigative undertakings determined that 5 candidates were worthy of a formal parish visitation. Over the course of several weeks the Search Committee divided into teams of 2 or 3 and made parish visits to five different candidates. It was then decided that 4 of the 5 finalist candidates should be invited to Saint Paul's Cathedral for further interviewing. At that time one of the candidates withdrew for personal reasons and 3 candidates were brought into Buffalo over the course of two weeks. After a meeting on Sunday 16 October, the Search Committee presented its recommendation to an Executive Session of the Vestry on Tuesday the 18. With unanimous approval of the Cathedral Vestry I have the honour, to announce that The Rev. DeLiza Spangler, Rector of Saint Paul's Episcopal Church in Saint Joseph, Michigan, has accepted our call.

Rev. Spanglerwas ordained a priest in 1979 in the Diocese of Missouri having been awarded her M.Div. from the General Theological Seminary in New York in 1978, immediately after which she was ordained a Deacon in the Diocese of Missouri. Rev Spangler has served as Rector in Saint Joseph since 1995 prior to which she served as Rector and Co-Vicar at Saint Phillips in Wrangell, Alaska for 10 years. Her Alaskan experience will certainly have her well prepared for our Buffalo Winter! Since most parishes in Alaska have difficulty supporting a full-time priest, Rev. Spangler attended law school and was awarded her J.D. from Willamette University in 1985.

Rev. Spangler brings with her many gifts and talents that we are confident are the perfect match for our cathedral parish. Early on in the search process the committee identified the experiences and traits that were important to us in a new Dean. DeLiza Spangler is extremely well qualified for the position of Cathedral Dean.

Rev. Spangler will begin her ministry here at the cathedral on Sunday 1st January 2006 when she will Preach and Celebrate. The parish will host a New Years Day Champagne Reception following services that day to welcome DeLiza.

At this time, as there names are called, I would like to ask that the members of the Search Committee stand for acknowledgement of their diligent efforts in this important process:

Voting Members:

Elva Jean Baeslak
Cheryl Fisher
Allyn Foster
Reid Heffner, Chair (away)
Patti Kight Martha Neri Cos Polino Priscilla Wiedl

Non-voting Members

Lynn Brunner
Beverly Fortune, Junior Warden

Please join me in expressing thanks for their sharing of their time and talent in the completion of this important task.

As we prepare for the arrival of Rev. Spangler as our new Dean, we must also, sadly, prepare to say good-bye to Bishop Joe Fricker as our much beloved Interim Dean. Joe and Shirley's last Sunday with us will be the 11 of December. Soon you will be hearing more about a parish event, which we have affectionately named the Fricker Gala to be held on Saturday evening the 10th of December. This will be a very special evening when we can take time as a parish to say thank you to a very Godly man who has guided us through a difficult time and helped us heal and grow not only as a cathedral parish, but as individual Christians. Personally, I will find it very hard to say good-bye to Joe and Shirley here at Saint Paul's, but I know that a friendship that Dennis and I established with them over ten years ago when they were first with us, will remain and grow. I thank Joe for the example of his life, the gift of his ministry, and the love of a man I am truly privileged to call my friend. I must also thank Shirley, on behalf of the parish, for her loving support and sharing of her husband.


Lastly... let's see.... what time is it now with 97 Days and about 17 hours left in this Senior Warden's term, I would like to express my own thanks to every active member of our parish for their prayers and support throughout a difficult but necessary time of change. Never before in my life, have I felt the Holy Spirit at work so strongly. THANK YOU AND MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS THE PARISH OF SAINT PAUL'S EPISCOPAL CATHEDRAL - BUFFALO.

More information about the Dean
will be posted as it becomes available.




2005 St. Paul's Cathedral, Buffalo New York