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Recurring Events at St. Paul's
What's happening A day-by-day schedule of many of the events that are scheduled for St. Paul's.
Weekly bulletin Announcements in the Sunday parish bulletin

Forthcoming events at St. Paul's

A Place at the Table. A series of culinary, seasonal and social events to benefit the many ministries of St. Paul's Cathedral

Some recent events at St. Paul's Cathedral

Installation of the Dean. On Saturday, March 25, 2006, N. DeLiza Spangler was installed as the new dean of the cathedral. Here are some photographs from that joyful event.

Welcoming the new Dean. On Sunday, Jan 1, 2006, we welcomed the new Dean to the Cathedral.

Announcement of the new Dean. On Sunday, Oct 23, 2005, a new Dean was announced.

2005 Ministries Fair and Parish Picnic. A quick look at the annual Ministries Fair and Parish Picnic as well as Andrew Scanlon's large Sunday at St. Paul's.

2005 European Choir Tour. Some photographs from the tour of England and France by the Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys.




2006 St. Paul's Cathedral, Buffalo New York